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Launched in 2020, The Cuttin' Room Floor is a web series that uses parody and discussion to explore the cultural impact of cult classics.  By audaciously imagining content that didn't make the final cut of our favorite films, televisions shows, plays, and albums - and by creating a platform for reflection and dialogue with creatives and fans - The Cuttin' Room Floor celebrates storytelling and promotes an awareness of just how much pop culture (for better or for worse) shapes our understanding of who we are and what life is.

Meet the Creative Team

Nikkole Salter, co-creator & EP
Aaron Morton, co-creator & EP

Nikkole Salter is an actor, dramatist, educator and arts advocate born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  She holds an MFA in acting from NYU's Graduate Acting Program, a BFA from Howard University and is the co-founder of The Continuum Project, Inc., a nonprofit that uses art to re-connect descendants of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade to an experience of specificity with their African Ancestry. Check out Nikkole's website.

Aaron Morton is an actor, writer and artist born and raised in Plainfield, NJ. He holds an MFA in Acting from Columbia University and is the founder of Bridge to Reality, a nonprofit geared towards increasing the presence of people of color in the arts. Check out Aaron's website.

“Culture is the codification of Life's best practices,

developed and shared - organically and intergenerationally - 

by a group of people.

The cultural expression of storytelling

through film, theatre, television, music, etc.,

reveals our preferred worldview;

reflects our values and beliefs;

lays bare what we think, trust, expect, accept; 

and ultimately demonstrates -

and influences -

what we do.  

Story is not entertainment.

Story is the organizing principle of our identity.

It is the central determinant of our experience and circumstance.  
It is the software to our body's hardware.

Story is the technology that unlocks our capacity

for conscious co-creation and evolution.

Story as Culture is the way human beings create meaning out of Life."

- Nikkole Salter

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